Reaching Your Dreams

Setting goals in life, is a natural thing. We set goals for college, family, car, jobs, etcetera. How many people actually set goals for their dreams? I too, am guilty of not setting goals for my dreams, until recently that is.

As a mother to 6 children, from 2years to 24 years, and a recent college graduate, goals are a daily part of life. We have goals for chores, grades, family time, and the all important sports. However, until about 2 months ago, I did not have goals to fulfilling my dreams. Then it hit me, as I was staring at my computer, wondering how I was ever going to achieve the things that make me the happiest, I cannot achieve them if I have not set a priority to do so. Now I have a goal set for following my dreams, and plan a part of my goals in my daily routine. One of my life long dreams has been to write, and I have done so for personal satisfaction since I was a little girl. We don’t need to discuss how many years that is, let’s just say a long while. What to do about making this happen? How am I going to finish the book I started writing last summer? I am a mother and wife after all, there is no time for other things, right? Wrong!

This is where my decision for goal setting to meet my dreams came in. I have set a personal goal as to when I want to have the book finished. This in turn puts my book on my daily schedule of priorities. Now, like everything in life, I can see a way of achieving what I dream about, and dreaming becomes a reality.

While I work towards the goal of completing my book, I have set some smaller goals as well, (like writing this blog post), to help me achieve my dream of writing. And just like that, as soon as I push publish on this post, I have achieved, at least part of my dream of becoming a writer.

Our dreams are what make life worth living. So, make a plan, set your goals, and follow your dreams. Dream big and live your dreams.



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