Love, the Power of Words

Every day we hear “I love you” all around us. We say it to our spouses, children, parents, familiesn and friends. I don’t know about any of you, but I was raised to say it before bed and before leaving to go any where, because you never know what could happen. So I say it, and mean it, but how many have just gotten in a routine of saying it, and have forgotten the meaning?

This is the problem, we are trained that saying I love you is what you are supposed to do. What if we changed that mind set?

First of all, you say I love you to everyone, right? No. The truth is most people leave out one very important person, yourself. Think about it, how many times have you told yourself, I love you? For most of us, the answer is not many. So let’s make that step one to the new mind set. Love yourself.

Second, what if we didn’t teach that “I love you” is what you should say? Instead we could teach “I love you” is what you are supposed to show. With actions, not words. If this is what we teach for the most important words in our language, then maybe, just maybe, it would give meaning to other words as well.

Think about it, if “I love you” is given meaning by action, then words like honesty, integrity, loyalty, and faithfulness might too regain their meaning by action. And if we can give meaning back to our words, we might be able to bring sanity back to the chaos that has become our world.

This is of course my opinion, but what could it hurt to try?

Wishing all of you a wonderful evening, and a life of real love.



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