Release Me

Good morning my friends. Today I woke up with the urge to let the words flow as they would. Following is what was waking me up this morning, trying to escape my brain. I hope you enjoy this bit of poetry. Have a wonderful day and a marvelous weekend all. Remember to inspire to be inspired.

If I were to die tomorrow, would anybody care?

If they were to have a funeral, would anyone be there?

If I pleaded for mercy, would you hear my feeble cries?

Would you comfort me and hold me, or simply tell me lies?

Would you show me the sunset and treasures that shine within?

Or would you only show me sorrow, and demonstrate my sin?

My sin alone is loving you, and letting you take hold,

Of a heart that is fragile, that for other pleasures you have sold.

I tread the waters slowly, hoping the crest will never break.

I implore you to see me, and that pity on me you will take.

That you will free me from this binding and mercy on me show.

That my fate you will release and my spirit shall be let go.

I am sending inspirational thoughts to everyone today and hoping that you will have the best weekend possible. Grab a hold of your dreams and make them reality my friends.

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