Share You With Me

Tell me your story, I want to hear your name,

Whisper to me your secrets, and let me do the same,

Let me be your shoulder, your pillar in the night,

Give me reign to support you, to help you through your fight,

I do not want to keep you, I only wish to see,

What the future will hold if you simply let it be,

Will you share yourself with me, do you want to let me in?

Is it safe for me to share too, are you ready to begin?

Friendship is all I am seeking, no need to run away,

Who knows what you could find if you took the time to stay,

It must be lonely always on your own,

Let me change that for you, compassion can replace the fear you have known,

Just one word is all it will take to show you how it could be,

Will you take the chance today, will you share you with me?

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