Treading Thin

The mind churns, keeping time with the world
Dodging the hate that is carelessly hurled
The glass is only as full as you think it to be
Until your mind can escape and finally be set free
Society tells us that the world is one way
To keep us on a path, to discourage us from going astray
Do not follow this path for it only leads to hell
Choose your own to follow and follow it well
Do not let the burdens of a society in chains
Cause you to miss the pleasures and pains
That come from a destiny that is extraordinarily free
If you choose your own path and choose to truly see
You can choose not to follow the path they have made
Not to stumble in the grave they have laid
Fly above the shackles that would keep you within
For the future it holds is slowly treading thin
The world could be happy if tomorrow was filled with hope
Instead of mind games designed to only get by or simply to cope
Look for a future that shines brightly as like you do
Seek something better and this new reality can come to you. 

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