Bringing Back Literature

Good afternoon all. I hope your Monday has been full of triumph. I am looking forward to a beautiful week and hope that you all receive the same.

As an avid reader and lifelong writer, I find it heartbreaking when someone says they really do not like to read. Imagine my horror in hearing these words come from my own child. He is at that age where the only thing that interests him are video and computer games. As a mother and book lover, I have ardently tried to change his mind. This led me on a hunt for any type of book that would turn his eyes away from his game.

This search has saddened me a bit. As I asked him what he thought about the classics that I read in school and he simply stared at me dumbfounded, I realized that they do not teach the classics anymore. Only when you reach the college level do they truly introduce people like Aristotle, Sophocles, Dickens, and the like.

With this realization, I have decided I need to bring literature back. I would love to see its return all over, but I will settle for in my home. I have most of the classics. I have read and reread most of them. My new project is to read them with my children, so they will understand them. I do not expect them to pick up The Iliad or Romeo and Juliet and understand the meaning. I do feel though that if they understand it more, they would find them enjoyable.

My plan is to start them off with reading with me thirty minutes every night. Then we will spend thirty minutes discussing the meaning of what we read. I will let them discuss among themselves the meaning and then all of us together. It is my hope that they will learn to love these classics as I have my entire life. If not, at least they will be ready for college courses that include a small portion of them.

What do you all think? What are your favorite classics? Which book could you read over and over and never get tired of? Or which book do your learn something new from every time you reread it? Let me know in the comments and let’s bring literature back.

As always inspire to be inspired my friends. Your next great adventure is just a turn of the page away.

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