Sending Prayers For Paris and Catholics Alike

It is with mixed emotions that I write today’s post. As a Catholic as well as an architectural lover, I am saddened by the fire that took place in one of my favorite buildings is the world. You have probably all heard of the fire that tore through this beloved icon. So, I won’t rehash the whole story.

This treasure of both history and religion has stood its ground for centuries. Though I am saddened with the events that occurred, I am also inspired. Before you get upset with me being inspired by a tragedy, let me explain. I think the fact that a large portion of this building was lost is horrific, however, I believe the fact that so much of it still remains is nothing short of a miracle. “But for the grace of God” is such a fitting sentiment for my feelings today. As I watched the news unfold and feared the worst, I too like many others, cried for such a great loss. Then to hear the words, “all is not lost”.

If the fact that so much of this building survived was not enough to inspire me, the outpouring of support from around the world, definitely has. Hearing the news that over 300 million has already been pledged to the reconstruction of this icon, was overwhelming for me. I am proud to see so many people come together for this marvelous cause. Not only is this building important for Catholics and Parisians, but the world. The history held within Notre Dame’s structural magnificence is something that needs to be preserved. I remember studying the fascinating history of Notre Dame and all of the changes it has gone through in my art history class. I was left awestruck by the amazing history and design.

I am sending prayers for all of those affected by this tragedy. Though no lives were lost, and few injuries were reported, this fire has had an impact on the world. You are all in my thoughts and daily prayers. Remember though that everything happens for a reason. God obviously has a plan or the whole building would have been lost. We need to trust in him and know that he will make his desire known.

For now my friends and followers, I wish you an inspired week. Look for the inspiration in everything in life, even those that seem to be as horrific as the scene we witnessed last night.

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