La FLor Manor Update

Good morning all. I just wanted to update everyone. I am diligently editing La Flor Manor I: The Introduction, and writing La Flor Manor II: Returning Home. I have 3 chapters of book 1, and 2 chapters of book 2 up on for those who would like to read them.

I also wanted to say a belated thank you to all the soldiers who have, are, or will be giving their time and lives to make our safer. On this note, I wanted to give a special thank you to the National Guard teams and all of the volunteers who worked through the night here in Coffeyville, KS. to protect our town from the rising flood waters. You are very much appreciated.

It is amazing how people in small communities come together to help each other out. Though everyone may be suffering in the same way, everyone pitches in and does what they can. I am proud to call Coffeyville my home and send prayers for everyone around the country, who are suffering through these terrible storms and floods.

I wish all of you a fabulous week and as always stay inspired to be inspired.

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