Book Review Darque Legends II Death of Life

Death of Life is an amazing continuation of the Darque Legends series. It starts where the first book left off and leads you on Darque’s journey as Battle Commander and tells of the trials the Dragon Clan and all living beings have to face in their fight against the Black. I especially like how the story starts where the first one ended and weaves a tale through the past and tells the tale of how life began for the Dragon Clan and the major players. 

While Darque and her warriors of both the Dragon Clan and the new Dragon Warriors battle to rebuild after the destruction of their beloved Drekkin, they are met with the task of securing and helping the True King.

I am completely in love with these books. I have been reading all of my life. Jane Austen is my favorite, however, Derrien Relyea and her Darque Legends have officially become my second favorite books thus far. I am getting ready to start the third book in the series and have no doubt it will be just as amazing as the first two.

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