Book Review “Darque Legends: The Black War Begins”


Darque Legends: The Black War Begins is the story of Darque and her sister Storm and the trials and errors they face on the quest to free their family and friends from the Black. The story tells of the training these two warriors have received from birth from their Battle Commander father. This training leads them to the fulfillment of the prophecy that foretells of Darque defending the Dragon Clan and becoming the Battle Commander. Joining in a blood bond with dragons the teams come together to defend the inhabitants and all of mankind as well as dragon-kind from complete annihilation.

This book is exquisitely written with details that place you in the battle with Darque and her dragon Gunnar as they learn to protect with their many gifts and build a bond that goes far beyond blood. The author brings to life every detail in a way that leaves you longing to know what happens next and how the warriors fare. I look forward to reading the remaining book in the series. This is an excellent book for lovers of fantasy, folklore, dragons, and adventure.

I am completely addicted and must read the remaining books.

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