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Book Review "The Boyhood of Kaede"


The Boyhood of Kaede is the adventures of the life of the grandson to the emperor on the fantastical elf world. The storyline and intended plot are great. This book takes you on the journey of a young boy who has been genetically perfected before birth and shows the trials that plague his world. It illustrates the love of family and the commitment demanded as a royal descendant. Kaede and his father must protect their world if any of them are to survive the perils they face as their supplies diminish and enemies attack.

I like this book for the storyline and the characters. I found it difficult to read though. While the descriptions in this book were very details, they took away from the storyline itself. There are many descriptions of clothing and weapons that were in great detail; however, they gave me a sense that I was reading a manuscript for film, more than a novel. Also, there are grammatical errors that make it hard to read certain parts; I had to read several sentences through again to understand the meaning.

All in all, this is a good read and would be great for those interested in fantasy and space..

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