Book Review “Anchored In Misty Lake”


When One Dreams Dies, Another is Born to Take its Place


Anchored in Misty Lake is a compelling story that has you comfortable, mad, happy, and in love by the end.


This is the story of Shauna McCabe and her four older brothers. Shauna works at a bank while she works towards her dream of opening her own yoga studio and day spa. She has finally reached her goal and is ready to make that leap. Only to have her dream snatched out from under her by mega-rich Cortland Mackenzie. Mackenzie has set out to further his families holdings with a chain of yoga studios. He just so happened to choose Shauna’s town and the exact location she has chosen for herself. The story takes you through the emotions felt by Shauna and her desire to escape. Throw into the mix four big brothers on the hunt for their baby sisters tormentor and you are in for one interesting ride. Will she be able to forgive this stranger and stay in her home town, or will she pack up and leave it all behind?


This was a great story that had me feeling all of Shauna’s emotions and heartache. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a love story with high emotional involvement.

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