Book Review “Sophie Coming Home”


True Love Really Does Exist


Sophie Coming Home is a great sequel to the first book in the “The Englands” series. It is the continued story of the life of Jamie, Sophie, and their 8 children. This one finds Sophie again pregnant and lost in the world of amnesia. After a plane crash, Sophie is left with no memory of who she is or where she is from, while husband Jamie is mourning the loss of the wife he believes is dead.

This family faces more obstacles from a longtime enemy and some new characters as well. Will there love and Sophie’s intuition allow them and their children to escape these perils unharmed?

This was a great story. Though the pace was a little slower than the first one, I still found it a bit too rushed for me. I have to love any story that has me crying with the worries of the characters though. This book definitely delivered on that. I found myself fighting the tears on more than one occasion. This is definitely a beautiful love story with some suspense added in. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys the devotion of true love.

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