Book Review “The Brotherhood”


Maggie is a young woman, who has had a horrific life. She lost her parents at 15 and has since tried to make the best of the life she has been dealt. The story takes you through her heroic life and the trials she faces from one abusive relationship to another. She finally finds the man of her dreams, but her choice of careers could cost both of them everything they love. 

Maggie is a very strong passionate 19-year-old. She is focused and very trusting. Or so it would seem. Her new love interest Bernardo is a perfect fit for her crazy life, but there are some problems along the way. 

This book has a very good plot and is captivating all the way through. There are several instances of mistaken identity with the characters and many typos that have slipped through. Apart from these errors making it a bit difficult to follow at times, I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the next in the series.

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