Book Review “Asia: Good Girl”


This book is for adults only due to sexual content.

Asia Daniels is the Marketing VP at MinolaTech. She is a minister’s daughter and in all rights a good girl. Or so she would like everyone to believe. 

Antonio Minola is CEO and top board member at MinolaTech and Asia’s boss. He is divorced, rich and Italian. Oh and gorgeous to boot. 

The story starts out with Asia facing an all too familiar harassment problem with a co-worker. The CFO has come up with a way to make Asia, go see him monthly. By denying her access to software she needs for her department’s accounting (with the excuse of some error) he successfully makes her visit his office and spend time with him. Asia catches on and eventually, he gets fired for it. This event though shows Mr. Minola, Asia’s abilities and leads to better things for her. 

After a meeting between Minola and Asia, Mr. Minola takes Asia home where she falls asleep. He is left to protect her from a misguided associate and takes it upon himself to protect the good girls home from future problems with a state of the art security system.

When Asia wakes she finds she has been abducted and is being held in a penthouse by a masked man who has decided to show her the dark side of life. Living out his fantasies and hers as well, she is introduced to the subtle side of submission. Turns out the good girl already had a bad side.

This is a good read. I found the plot a bit too rapid though. There was very little build up into the characters. I think a bit more character building and a slower pace would have furthered the reader’s sense of involvement in the story. Everything happened so fast and left the reader guessing a bit. Which may be exactly what the author wanted. Overall though a good story

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