Book Review “Sequence: The Heart Of The Ocean”


This book is fascinating, to say the least.


Sequence (The Heart of the Ocean, #1) is the story of Alessia and her journey from a world that has always made her feel like an outsider, to a world that was home.


Alessia has lost her parents and lives with her aunt. She has had a hard time in life and now she is facing the voices she is hearing. At her limit, Alessia’s aunt sends her to an island for the mentally insane. Doctors have decided she is incurable. Little do they know that she just needs to go home. To a world under the ocean. After escaping, she finds her way home to this new world. She no longer feels like an outsider, she has finally found where she belongs, and along the way she finds where her heart belongs as well. This story takes you through Alessia’s journey home and shows the path she must take for her true powers to be revealed. She is just beginning her task of becoming the chosen one in this first book. She has found family, love, and a lot of responsibility. Will her innocence and pure heart be enough to carry her through. I cannot wait to find out.


I look forward to reading the remaining books in this series. This first book has kept me wanting more. I could not put it down. I needed to know what happened to Alessia and the other half of her heart Dante. This story is romantic, fantastic, and addicting. The pace is wonderful and the flow takes you from beginning to end on a seamless journey. I would highly recommend this book for lovers of fantasy or romance. It covers both quite well.


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