I Need Advice: Depression and Bipolar Support

Good afternoon all. I hope you are all having a fabulous week. Today I find myself in a bit of a need for help from you my readers. As many of you know I suffer from bipolar and in such try to promote a positive outlook on life and support throughout my posts and in my everyday life. I have found that it helps me immensely to overcome the symptoms that I face.

This works for me, most of the time. Until recently, I have found that helping others and writing daily helped me to keep the nagging depression that accompanies my mental illness at bay. However, the last few weeks have been really pushing the limits of my positivity. 

Actually, if I am honest, I feel like I am drowning and cannot find my way to the surface. Here arises my need for your help today. 

I know I am not the only person who suffers through these battles. I have done the research and understand the vast number of people who deal with the effects of bipolar in worse cases than mine. So, I thought I would reach out and find out how others deal with the complications their illness causes them. 

While therapy is always the recommended place for conversing about these matters, I find it a bit cold and counterproductive at times like these, when I have reached my limit. I have turned to my faith and find it struggling in this particular crisis as well. I know that there is nothing our creator cannot overcome, however, I think he is sending me a sign that I need to reach out and not fight this battle alone. 

For those of you who are not familiar with bipolar, here is a brief explanation of my illness. First, I must say that each person’s illness is different and I am not by any means saying that mine is typical of what every one else goes through with this disease. 

My Bipolar

Bipolar for me is a daily struggle with depression, fear, insecurities, happiness that is followed by unexplained anger, mood changes in seconds, racing thoughts and hyper activity followed by the lack of desire to even move much less function. For me this disease has been an education in self awareness and reading my own signs of distress. I have days where I feel normal, then there are the days where I can barely pull myself out of bed. I have manic days and depressive days.

Manic days are those when I feel like I am on cloud nine. The world is mine and I have so much energy that I feel I could go forever. During these days I have an immense joy for the life I live and the gifts God has brought into my life. 

Then the depressive days hit. These days are those in which getting out of bed is almost painful, literally. I cry for the tiniest things, my moods shift from moment to moment. These are the days that make me feel the worst. Not for myself, but for the damage it does to my children. While they all know about my illness and understand parts of it, they do not understand when their mommy is laughing and happy then in a matter of minutes screaming and blinded by anger over nothing at all. 

Thankfully, through treatment, meds, and an amazing group of friends and family, I have been able to have fewer and fewer of these mood changes. However, of late I have noticed that that black cloud is forming and I cannot find the silver lining. 

I feel like I am letting my children down, my work is suffering and most of all I am letting myself down. For this reason, I am turning to all of you and asking for help. How do you cope with life? We all have days when life gets to us and we have to find a way to overcome the feelings. You do not have to be bipolar to suffer disappointments, depression, or any of the other things life throws your way. I want to know what helps you get through those days that seem like nothing is right? How do you find your silver lining?

To those of you who are suffering through any kind of mental illness, know that you are not alone. We need to all support each other and understand that this is not just a self pity party. Mental illness is real and support is the key to overcoming its destructive patterns. Thank you all for your continued support and may you have a blessed and inspired day and rest of your week.

As always, inspire to be inspired.

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5 thoughts on “I Need Advice: Depression and Bipolar Support”

  1. Sweetie, I can call you that because I I beilive that an older person can say that, lol. It sounds to me as you have what I have that is called. Tell your doctor bipolar disorder rapid cycle. I suffered tremendously but did find in God jesus the strength. I take meds and still gets high and low episode but very rarely. For years I tried on my own and could not do it. I understand the pain you have. For years even after I was born again I struggled and it was very difficult. I decided to get on meds because my lows and highs were truly bad and I used to hurt myself even tried suicide but, by the Grace if God did not succeed. I was not a Christian yet but the Lord used my bipolar condition to keep me up all night in a high. A doctor later in life, I m 64 told me that if I went to sleep I would have died. But God is good and deep inside I did not want to give up. I took 12 mg of xanax and then started to write all my family notes apologizing for what I thought I did. Is a very ling story why I tried to kill myself so I make it short. My advise since I have 3 mental illnesses and trauma been sexually molested at the age if 13 until 17. After becoming a Christian,I went trough a lit but, one thing I did was to hang on as you are, to the Lord and seek him daily by reading the Bible and talking to Him. One day a few years ago in desperation after asking Him many times to take me, I became angry at God and told Him I did not believe in Him anymore because the pain my lows been the most I suffered of was too much to live with, I felt such peace for 2 whole days and realized that He loved me. I will send this before by mistake I delete it. He gave me peace like I never felt before for 2 days. A high so high was not by my illness.

  2. Hang on to the Lord, go to him and if you have to, scream ad you feel inside. Teach out everytime you have other low or high for help. Worship Him and thank Him for all the good things in your life like I I beilive you already do. Sorry so ling. If you want to you can send me an emUl. I pray almost every night for nt followers that are God’s given since my blog is for Him. Now finally I have a “life” and I am also active in Church groups something I never thought I would ever do, lol. Hang on sweetheart He will heal you more each day. I still occasionally have an episode but not as ling or gard as I used to have. When emotionally hurt I get sick then since I do try to go to Him, God comes through for me and helps me come back to reality. Please write me back and I will pray for you tonight and the Holy Spirit will remind me to pray more for you. I m not a crazy Christian just a simple person. Also write what you feel if you can. I cannot do that so, I m writing what I hope someday will be a book. Check my Bio which is simple if you can.i hope this helps you a little. You are not alone. Many suffer and give up but you have your FAITH VERY IMPORTANT tha will help you more then any medications. I used to get sick a lit in meds now I take them but is Inky by the Grace if God that I am healing. Trust in the Lord, lean not in your understanding and He will bring you through3. Live you.
    Child if God. .

    1. Pat, thank you so much for your inspiring words and for sharing your pain with me. I feel that our paths have crossed for a reason. You have lent me your voice many times since I started writing this blog and your words always give me hope. Thank you seems inadequate to express my gratitude, but that is all I know to say. I do lay my burdens at the Lord’s feet every morning and evening and many times throughout the day when I feel myself slipping. So much so, at times I feel I am being a burden myself. Then I remember who I am talking to. Thank you for your prayers, they are very much appreciated. I too will be praying for you. Big hugs.


  3. Forgive my spelling some because I was writing in a hurry and some because English is my second language. I hope you can out it all together. Now my ocd is taking over lol bye and another hug.💖💟🇱🇷🇮🇹

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