Book Review “AVA”

The Evolution of Ava

Ava is the story of the life of Ava. In another time and era people were trying to find a way to live when all of the destruction being done to Earth finally took its toll. Finding a planet in another time scientists set out to discover the abilities of this new planet for sustaining human life. Through events two such scientists fell in love and from their passion came Ava. She was a miraculous child and when she was left alone by the passing of her parents she excelled into her destiny. Moreover she evolved into the world’s destiny.

Though I found myself a bit distracted in a few of the space travel scenes in the book, I was captivated longing to know what happened to Ava during her journey. This book will make you cry, angry, and above all else it will make you think about the world and the delicate path each of us takes. Very well written.

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