My True Love

I remember a story my mother always told,

She said I would know a love so intoxicating and bold,

She said I would do anything to see him satisfied,

That I would give of myself and forgive him even after a thousand tears I had cried,

She foretold of a heartache this person would cause,

That I would look past and forgive without this slightest of pause,

I told her that her story was impossible for I would not except a love so blindly in this way,

She hugged me all-knowing and this is what she had to say,

You will love like this my dear, I swear to you it is true,

You will forgive his indiscretions with just one look at you,

You will forgive his insults, his betrayals, and lies,

For you won’t see him as you see me but through the vision of a mother’s eyes,

I see now the truth in these precious words that my mother foretold,

I see it daily as my children I cuddle, admire, and hold,

This is the purest of loves that not one person can take from me,

The truth I once doubted, I have come fully to see,

The love of a child is second only to one,

Which is the love of a mother for her daughter or son.

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