Vamping Up For NaNoWriMo

As November approaches I find myself both excited and nervous for the start of another NaNoWriMo adventure. For those of you who do not know National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a goal oriented competition for authors to reach 50,000 words on their manuscripts. Essentially it is a way for authors to find the push they need to put their manuscripts forefront during the month of November. 

I participated in this event last year and that is when I found the push I needed to write La Flor Manor I. Well I am excited to announce that I will be utilizing this platform to provide me the incentive and push to write two books this year. We will see how it goes. I am a person who does much better with a timeline and goals to meet. So, I think this may be a good thing for the advancement of La Flor Manor II and for the new series The Draw of Darkness that is still in the planning phase.  

I may find that at the end of November, I do not even know my name, but if I get the words down on paper the struggle will be well worth the sacrifice. This is how I felt last year after I finished La Flor Manor. 

Then in December will come numerous edits and revisions and hopefully the beginning part of 2020 will find two more books available for purchase. 

I want to apologize now for any lack of communication and publication of posts, as I am sure there will be very little time for more than my daily work and my nightly book writing. I appreciate everyone’s continued support and thank you all for the encouragement you have given me throughout the whole writing process. 

As always, inspire to be inspired and when life isn’t what you think it should be, write yourself a new ending.

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