Dividing My Time

Good evening all. Let me start by thanking all of my loyal supporters for reading this blog and for donating to our cause over on Patreon, and for purchasing La Flor Manor. The support is appreciated more than words can emphasize.

The topic of tonight’s post is time management, or better the lack of it in my life. We often fall into a rhythm of doing things that works for us. Well this is what happened with me during the summer. I was doing my work and my children were at home with me. When I needed to get something else done, I would pack them up, run my errand and get back to work. 

This was working well and I felt like I was managing my time well, until school started back. Now it is time to find another routine. Add to this chaos after school activities and NaNoWriMo right around the corner and I may be struggling just to breath by December.  But I know it can be done. 

I have to admit that at this time last year, I was just starting out in my writing journey. I had received my first paying content writing pieces and was new to juggling work, my children’s school activities, being an author, and taking care of a 2-year-old. Back then I figured that if I could raise my children while taking care of my home, going to college full-time, and volunteering the rest of my time, I could easily handle working too. 

Now I find myself, in the same place I was a year ago, with the added advantage of experience this time. Now to sit down and plan out my schedule. How do you manage your time? Do you plan out and schedule everything, or do you fly by the seat of your pants and take everything as it comes and hope for the best? Share your thoughts and strategies in the comments section. Let’s find out how our time in life is being managed.

As always, inspire to be inspired and never leave for tomorrow what should have been done yesterday. Have a wonderful evening.

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