Need Smells that Inspire: Scentsy to the Rescue

With NaNoWriMo just two days away I am vigorously trying to get my writing space ready and set the mood for the best possible inspiration. One of my go to comforts is wax melts. I love the way a fragrance can fill a person with a sense of joy or romanticism. Which I will be needing a lot of to write this romance novel. I recently discovered Scentsy and have now found my writing inspiration smells, so I thought I would share them with the rest of my fellow November writing zombies. 

When a friend of mine invited me to her Scentsy party, I really had no idea what they were. I knew that Scentsy had wax melts but that was the extent of my knowledge. I am so glad I went because they have a whole world of products I fell in love with. 

The first item I found is called a Scentsy Go. This little machine is fantastic for people like me, who get addicted to a spell and want to have it every where with them. As the name implies, this is a portable fragrance dispenser. The best part is that I can take my favorite new smells with me where ever I decide to write and the battery is rechargeable instead of changeable. Much like my computer and tablet that go with me so I can write whenever my muse is feeling kind, now I can also have my comfort smells as well. 


Though I have not tried all of their products, I look forward to exploring each one. If you haven’t tried any of their products you should definitely check out their offerings. If you are looking for a specific smell but don’t know which one will meet your desires, ask the Scentsy Consultant, and they can help you discover the perfect fragrance. I was looking for something for my teenage daughter that was not overly girly, and my consultant listened to what she likes and suggested a fragrance that my daughter absolutely loves. There are smells for every  preference and they are not overpowering like some others I have tried. They are a subtle smell that leaves the room smelling fresh. I look forward to many long nights writing with these new products. 

Now that I have everything set and ready to go for NaNoWriMo, it is time to step away and clear my mind for the next couple of days. After that it will be long days and longer nights pouring out the lives of my main characters and setting up their struggles and dilemmas. I look forward to finding out where these adventures will take them. Though I have most of the details planned out, they will probably change along the way. Who knows, I might have a bad day and decide one of them needs to lose a limb or fall from the castle’s tower. Eh maybe just the mother-in-law. Where ever they end up, I am sure it will be an interesting ride getting them there.

As always, inspire to be inspired. The story is never really over, you just need a new pen to keep writing it. 

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