Book Review “Where do you go to”


Finding Marie-Claire

This is an excellent story of war torn Germany and the chaos that plagued the lives of many of that time.

The story starts with a young girl who is lost and does not remember who she is. Becoming a charge of the church in Rome she is given a new name and would begin a new life. Finding a family in her adoptive parents the Le Blancs, Marie-Claire is plagued by a lifetime of dreams she cannot quite understand. Living the life any girl would dream of the story takes you through the life and events of the child of the ambassador of France. Finding passions that are turned to hate and desires that are turned to agony, follow the life of Marie-Claire from unknown beginnings to finding herself.

This is an excellent book. Aside from some minor grammatical errors and a bit of confusion in the back and forth from past to present, the story is an amazing read.

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