Book Review “Date in Disguise”


Truth be Told

***Adult Content***

Faye is a bright but shy woman who is out to avenge the wrong done to her family. Gavin is a love leery billionaire who has a heart of gold. When Faye’s brothers convince her to infiltrate enemy lines she is surprised by what she finds.

This is a sweet read that has just the right amount of innocence to seductress ratio. Though some of the scenes are a bit fast for my taste I enjoyed the story.

I have read several other Laura Westbrook books and I think this one is my favorite. The story, though a stretch in some instances is sweet and the underlying message that I took away from the book made it all the more sweet for me. The main character is identifiable in her timidness and the way she overcomes to come out on top is appealing for me in a book. I look forward to reading more by this author. 

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