Finding Myself in the Chaos

The world is progressing though at times I feel I am standing still,

Looking to the future, bending to the demands, giving up on my own free will,

Taking a moment and finding myself,

Taking me down, removing societies scrutinizing shelf,

Showing the world who I am inside,

Apologizing for all of the times I have lied,

For saying I was okay when in truth I died a little each day,

But now I am tired of societies game, I no longer want to play,

I will show my truths, you can take them or not,

But the regulations that bind will all be forgot,

I will express my feelings and my voice will be heard,

To the world my words will fly on the wings of a bird,

They will travel the path they were meant to take,

The smiles of oppression I will no longer fake,

I have chosen my journey and the first steps I have made, 

There is no turning back for the price has been paid,

I have been silent too long, hiding who is inside of me,

The blessing has started, I am finally free.



It is easy to let ourselves get caught up in the monotiny of life and follow those around us. We try to tuck our personalities into a pocket the size of those extra pockets of five-pocket jeans and fit into the norm. But why? Why do we try to conform to a society that we are not happy with?

Everyday we hear of the horrors that are carried out in this society we are trying to fit into. Why not try to change it instead? If you look around yourself and you do not like what you see, why try to conform to it, instead of making it conform to you?

Far too often we settle into a routine, telling ourselves this is as good as it gets. Well, if that is the way you continue to think, then you are right, that is as good as it will ever get.  But, if you decide that you are not happy with what you see, then change it. (I know…those words are taboo and unfathomable.) 

The truth is, those words are reachable and achievable. You just have to be willing to put in the effort to make them your reality. 


I want to say thank you today. Thank you to those who have purchased my book, thank you to those who have given me much needed feedback (both good and bad), thank you to those who have shared kind words with me along this scary journey, and thank you to those of you who believe in me. I appreciate each and everyone of you and the role you have played and continue to play in my writing journey.

I want to say a special thank you to my coach and new writing group. My coach, Gabriela Blandy has given me some amazing insight into finding my true goal and ways to focus. I am grateful to her for giving me the push I needed, and thankful to have her in my corner. We all need a grounded voice and a support team, and she has allowed me to find mine.



Small vase and black choker with handkerchief that says inspire s

As always, inspire to be inspired. Never stop dreaming and continue to strive for your dreams. You are worthy of every happiness this world has to offer. It is just a matter of teach yourself to believe it is true.