Book Review “Saved in Time: An Escape Story”


This is a tale that is too real for words.

The story tells of a machine that allows the user to have a bird’s eye view of past events. The story takes the reader on an interesting trek between the moral and ethical implications this type of machine would have on the world and the personal gain that could be had, using it. In the right hands, a machine like this could save the world.

The machine is found at the opportune time to stop the political ambitions of a dangerous politician.

The author describes the scenes in great detail. The story changes from Earth to Atlantis and back giving a perspective of what is going on in each world and how the two worlds intertwine. With details needing to be explained by both sides, some of the build up was a bit long for each scene.I found this to be the only drawback to the book. The story has a touch of reality that leaves one hoping for a favorable outcome both in the book and the world in which we live today. Very well written and it definitely leaves the reader wondering what if…

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