Book Review “How to Become a Successful (Recovering) Alcoholic”


Though this book is not the norm for my reading habits, I am glad I read it. This book relates the trials and struggles that a recovering addict faces throughout the never ending process. Though I have never been an addict, I hold this author in high esteem for the courage it took to write this story. It tells in detail the processes one goes through and threats of relapse faced daily. This book lets others know they are not alone in this struggle and I am thankful to the author for sharing.

The story tends to repeat itself throughout. While this may be intentional to carry the point and emphasize the process, I found it to be a drawback to the flow of the story. This is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5. Over all, this book has the potential to help many struggling through the arduous process that is recovery.

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