Book Review “Behind the Red Curtain”


Warning*** Graphic scenes and language.


I do not generally read horror, however, this one has an interesting twist I was not expecting. Being a fan of FBI shows, I find I figure out the end game way before it arrives, and find this a drawback for many books. This is not a problem with this book, though. The author has created scenes that, while gory, place the reader in the scene and keep them guessing along the way.

The story tells of Lucy, who finds herself at the whim of the very rich and handsome Edward. This poor woman is drawn in by his chivalry and soon finds out how big of a mistake it is to trust in this long-forgotten art. Through many mental and physical trials, Lucy is led to her ultimate destiny.

I found that while the scenes were often horrific the underlying story rang true to life. Lucy, who is of common wealth is led through hell, simply to fulfill the desires of the rich Edward. Follow her journey through the childhood home of Edward as he tries to defend his mother from his abusive father.

The author of the book has done a fantastic job of describing the scenes in a way that the reader can see the action as if it were happening. Though I do not particularly enjoy horror, this one kept me reading to find out what would happen next. Great story for fans of the genre.

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