Book Review “12 Days at Bleakly Manor”


This story brings the spirit of Dickens to life from page one. Alone in the world except for her sick aunt, Clara is invited to Bleakly Manor with the offer of a grand reward should she last 12 days there. Little does she know that she will be reunited with a past love that has wronged her in the most horrific of ways. Will she be able to triumph to the end, or will she fail in her mission? Will she get a second chance at happiness?

Ben has been wrongfully accused and imprisoned for far too long. His only chance for freedom comes with a price, but is he willing to pay it? He must suffer the perils that befall all of those staying at Bleakly Manor. Though these perils are not nearly as dangerous as the torment of spending these days with Clara, the woman who ruined his life.

This is a sweet story of intrigue and a bit of mischief. The main characters are in desperate need of a second chance at life. The author has done a magnificent job of bringing the scenes to life and keeping the readers addicted and looking for the next folly. As a fan of Victorian romance, this book has become an instant favorite. I look forward to reading it many times in the future, along with the author’s many other books.

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