Book Review “A Tale of Two Hearts”


Mina finds herself with big troubles when she chooses to go along with William Barlow’s crazy scheme. She is in love with him though, so pretending to be his wife should be no hard task, or so she thinks. When she finds herself face to face with William’s wicked cousins and learns of their evil plot to harm his uncle, she must choose between telling the truth or protecting an innocent. Both learn a valuable lesson about second chances to do the right thing and trusting in the All-Mighty to protect all of his children.

This Victorian tale is a fascinating exploration of the difference between rich and poor. The author has brought to life the amazing traditions of the Christmas season and allows the reader to take a step into the past. I enjoyed this book immensely and love that the author has given details about the historical significance of the traditions portrayed throughout the book. Another new fave and a definite addition to my Christmas reading list.

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