Girls vs. Boys: Should There be a Difference?

Today’s post is one that holds a personal place in my heart. The difference between boys and girls. More over the difference in the way parents think about their sons compared to their daughters. Especially when it comes to dating. 

Let me start by saying that I do not think there should be a difference between sexes when it comes to dating or anything else in raising children. I am a firm believer that if it is good for my son then it should be for my daughter and vice versa. 

My dilemma comes in the way that many fathers think that their little girl is never old enough to date and that it is never too soon for their son to prove himself as a man. I think this sends the wrong message to children of all ages, especially in the teen years when they are trying to figure out their place in this crazy world. 

If we tell a girl that she has to wait until she is in high school to have her first boyfriend, should it not stand then that her younger brother should have to wait until he is in high school to have his first boyfriend? It only seems appropriate that equality in the sexes starts from day one. Right?

I have raised my children in this way and have just recently seen an overwhelming number of parents making different rules for their children based on their gender. I would never dream of telling my daughter that football is only for boys or telling my son that dance is only for girls. Not that any of my children would ask these questions, because they know I will support them no matter their interests. But, I think that the mindset should be the same with everything else as well. 

I could be wrong here. Lord knows it would not be the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last. But this is my opinion.


With this is mind, I decided to ask for some opinions from you, my readers. I know each person is different and that love is different for every person. My question is, do you think that girls and boys should have different rules when it comes to dating or any other aspect of growing up? If so, what are your reasons for believing this. If not why do you think they should be the same? Let me know in the comments and let’s help each other traverse parenthood together. 

As always, inspire to be inspired and continue to look for the good in the world around you, for you never know when that passing conversation could turn into a lifelong friendship. 

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