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Good afternoon all. I decided to do something different today. I have found that this writing journey can get a bit lonely. I have my family, of course, but let’s face it, they don’t exactly understand what it is I do on a daily basis. Sure they know I write and they often ask me “Where do you come up with all of these ideas?” However, the disconnection is there. 

As I wrote yesterday, I have found a fabulous writing coach, who understands the struggles of being a writer and supports me 100%. Still, I have found at times I need to be able to vent to someone who is dealing with the same experiences I am. 

This leads me to my blog post today. I have joined many writing communities on Facebook, Twitter, GoodReads, just to name a few. I though it would be nice to try and support each other right here. Let’s share this journey together. Share your thoughts, troubles, stresses, what ever it is that is keeping you from fulfilling your writing goal today, or any other day. Let’s support each other right here, right now.


If you don’t feel like sharing here, just drop in and say hello. Let’s show all of those creative minds out there that they are not alone and that some one hears and understands. Will you join me in lifting up another? Leave a comment and let’s share our journey together. If you don’t want to leave a comment here, I am always available on my Facebook page or Twitter

No matter what path your creative journey has you traveling, I believe in you. Remember to always inspire to be inspired and take time to let another creative know you understand their journey and that they are not alone. 

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