Treacherous Love

Over the holidays, a friend of mine reported her sister missing. The day after Christmas, she was found murdered in her car. She had been the victim of a violent boyfriend she was trying to leave. This story touched me in ways I cannot adequately express. It has inspired this poem and I hope these words will help some one out there that is dealing with domestic violence or mental abuse. You are not alone and there is help. Most importantly, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT…YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO BE HURT. I cannot express that enough. No one deserves to be hurt mentally or physically in a relationship. Know, you are not alone.


Treacherous Love

Here you are again, as I fight in vain,

Spewing all your vows and inciting all your pain,

I open myself raw, so you can hurt me to the bone,

How stupid am I, falling at the expressions that are shown,

Fear fills me now, I no longer want to see,

How your voice etches my heart, causing my reality to flee,

The shadows are surfacing, reminding me of why I ran away,

I scream at them to leave, but here they continually stay,

Their red eyes haunt my sleep, extinguishing my life’s desires,

Sucking the soul from my dreams, drinking like hungry vampires,

The words leave your mouth, flowing like fine wine,

Yet the bitter taste so foul sends shivers down my spine,

I know I should run, yet my feet are set in stone,

I know how this ends, like always with me here alone,

So, do your worst, for it is you wielding the knife,

Go quickly though, in ending this miserable life,

For the coldness of death will be a sweet flavor to behold,

All I ask is that my story is heard, just that my story is told,

May the words help the next victim to find an escape,

May my story protect the next, from this horrendous mind rape,

Tell them all to watch closely, for the lies are shrouded in gold,

They will cut through you slowly, and leave you dying and cold,

Run, do not walk, never stop to look behind,

Run until a safe haven you can find,

You do not have to take it, and no it is not all your fault,

You do not have to hide in silence enduring the assault,

You do not deserve this sentence you do not have to play this game,

Get out while you can, and know you are not the one who is to blame.



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