Contemplating A Return To School

Good morning all. Happy Tuesday. Today I am on the verge of insanity with a new desire to return to school and get my Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Literature. Now I am filled with the hopes and fears that come with any new idea, as well as, the questions of “am I good enough,” “will my grades be good enough,” and “can I really do this?”

I guess this all goes back to my belief in myself and my desire to succeed in what I set out to do. I know the answer to all three of those questions is yes, so why do I still have this debilitating fear now that I am in the research phase of this idea?


Is this new fear a legitimate feeling or is it just my mind sabotaging my dreams? Well, if I think back on what my writing coach told me the very first day I spoke with her, I believe that this is all my ingrained sense of self doubt.

Now, I need to visualize what I want and make it happen. I need to see the path, plan the best possible route and set my GPS to guide me to success. Easier said than done, right? 

I think this is a poignant issue in the lives of many creatives. That ingrained belief in oneself that is not always rosy. With that in mind, I am going to visualize what I want to do and start the journey to map out my route. I will keep you all posted as I traverse this new chapter in my writing journey. 

As always my friends, inspire to be inspired. Knock on that door until it opens, and if you find it is locked, well, the key lies within. 

Thank you all for accompanying me on this fabulous journey. I look forward to seeing where the writer’s journey takes me. Where is your creative journey taking you? Share your story in the comment section and let’s traverse this chaotic world of creatives together.  

4 thoughts on “Contemplating A Return To School”

  1. Big decision. The formal feedback you’ll receive in a classroom setting will be very valuable. I encourage you to take your passion for writing to the next level. And thank you for regularly looking at my website posts.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I agree, there is no better way to achieve my goals and improve my writing than by learning everything I can while utilizing my creative voice. Also, thank you for the support and you are very welcome. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion.

  2. All the best in your writing journey, I´m sure you’ll do great. I always love to see people with passion for something, whatever that something is but to have passion is crucial for success (for some not all to be realistic but certainly helps amongst other devices you have to utilize as a person) and I think I would have stayed in college if it looked like the one in those pictures….. it´s like a castle!

    1. Thank you for the support and I agree with you completely. Passion is a critical key to success. The school does look like an amazing place to study and it would definitely be an inspiration for a creative mind. Have a fabulous week.

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