It Was Not My Fault

Woman in red sweatshirt sitting on the floor next to a bed looking away

You told me it was my fault,

You said that I was to blame,

You said it wouldn’t have hurt so much,

If I had only played your game.

You said I deserved it,

The evil you had done to me,

You said not to tell

And warned me to never let them see.

You took without asking,

From one who had not yet matured,

For fear of retribution,

Your insanity I endured.

You took my youth for your pleasure,

And left me there to cry,

You changed my life forever,

How many times I wished I could die.

I blamed myself for my weakness,

For allowing you to take your desire,

I choked back the vomit,

When they told me you were someone I should admire.

If they only knew the story,

The pain I still hold inside,

If they only knew how many nights,

I have laid awake and cried.

I know now it was not my fault,

This wrong you did to me,

I fear the toll it has taken,

And now I finally see.

Self-loathing taught me to live in shame,

But the truth has shown to be,

Only you are to blame.

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5 thoughts on “It Was Not My Fault”

    1. I am sorry to hear that. It is nice to know one is not alone, but in situations like this it is sad, as well. I stand by you in support for the pain that these situations cause, and will include you in my prayers for strength for all of us who have been hurt in such a way. Thank you for sharing.



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