Compelling Toxicity

Your words bite me, they leave scars you cannot see,

When you are  happy they are covered in honey 

When the mood has changed they are barbed with razors

You accuse me of being the problem, you cower behind your money,


You tear me down to bring yourself up

You keep me down so you can feel tall

I hate you more on these days 

I hate you even more for making me fall


I believed in you when you never believed in me

I ached to make you shine

Now I ache to be free from this prison I’m in

I wish I had never made you mine


I want to run and never look back

I want to escape and start anew

Can’t you see how you have lost the good that you had,

Don’t you see that you have pushed me away from you


Better yet, I think it’s that you just don’t care

I was an act, a solution to a problem you had

It is time to end this charade and see how we fare

Our time together has been toxic, putrid and bad


I am moving on to find that spark that I thought you would give

Best wishes are something you don’t deserve

You pulled the knife and stole my reason to live,

I am leaving now before I lose the nerve.

Small vase and black choker with handkerchief that says inspire s

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