Biting Back the Tears

I sit here quietly thinking as the tears wash down my face


They said I was wrong that my words are in the wrong place


They tell me I shouldn’t even though I know I have to try


Now I am biting back the tears I cannot let them see me cry

The anger in their expression makes me hunker to the floor


I don’t want to live in this place I cannot deal with the chaos anymore


I want to be free to express my thoughts without them showing distaste


Again I am biting back the tears my time on sorrow I shall not waste

I search for an answer to why I should not speak my mind


Looking and seeking but the answer I cannot find


I have come to realize it is not me who needs to make a change


Again biting back the tears but these are happy and they feel strange

I will not accept your disapproval as a reason to close my mind


In me a friend or worthy rival you are guaranteed to find


I see the truth so clearly as though I have awakened from a dream


No longer biting back the tears they are tears of joy now flowing like a stream

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