Inspirational Muse

Woman's hand reaching out over black and white sea side with cliffs in the background

Do you ever feel alone,

Sitting in a room of people who are well known?

Do you ever want to cry out for no reason at all

Just because the scenes are starting to fall?

It is quiet now all are asleep,

Not a sound to be heard except the stories I keep,

The ones in my head that take me to another place and time,

The ones that need no reason to make their rhyme,

It seems the more that I hurt the better the words sound,

In the silence of my loneliness my muse, I have found,

Should I keep it or throw it away?

Do I let the words flow or in my head should they stay?

Will they be enough, these ramblings that come at night?

Should I share them and let them take flight?

Do they inspire or do they cause pain?

Are they light-hearted romance or dreams which have been slain?

Which side of my mind will win out today?

Which side of the battle will you see played?

Drowning in senseless despair 

Or will today’s inspiration be a breath of fresh air?

These are the scenes that cover my mind,

These are my muses, the ones that make me blind

To the words that are spoken and the people who gather around,

These are my musings and in my mind a home they have found.

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