Spiraling Life

Life keeps spinning though my world seems to stop

Standing here waiting for the final ball to drop

Patterns are forming as I desperately stare

The colors are blurring but does anyone care

The paths are connecting the lines seem to fade

Though life keeps on whirling, mine is waiting for the toll to be paid

Traversing the abyss that becomes the divide

By the hatred that flows and insults that are implied

Turning and turning the world spins around

While others are searching for a secret never found

The masses standby and watch the destruction unfold

The kindness of words never spoken because there is no one so bold

As to break with the masses and speak their own mind

In this world of chaos, kindness becomes harder to find

Asking becomes begging when the powerful reign

Sitting in their castles laughing down at your pain

Will no one stand up and put an end to this plight

No one has the courage to take on this fight.

As the world spins around never seeming to stop

The powerful rise and remain at the top

I am lending my voice to those who choose to hear

This world is ours for the taking if you shed off your fear

Leave it behind and rise up with me

Let’s take over the land, earth, and the sea

We can call order to this chaos that rises

Overturn the reign of the powerful with a knowledge that surprises

United together against a foe so proudly installed

We can conquer the hate when old times are recalled

The spirit of love that once turned the world around

As the world keeps spiraling again can be found

For love is much stronger than the hate that is spewed

Join me in calling for a better world where love is renewed 

While the world is still spinning will you help me defend

Bringing down the masses and hatreds reign to an end

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