I Don’t Want to Love You

I don’t want to love you,

You’re destined to make me cry.


I don’t want to need you,

You’re inevitably going to lie.


You’ll tell me you love me,

Explain how I make your life complete.


Though when I am away,

You’re seducing every other woman you meet.


I have heard the lies before,

I have learned to read the signs.


I do not want to relive this,

I am placing my walls and drawing the lines.


You will not hurt me, no not this time,

No matter how hard you try.


I will no longer allow it,

I refuse to allow you to make me cry.

6 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Love You”

        1. No, I do not. However, I use a translator a lot for my blog and find it respectful to answer in my own language and that of my readers. Unfortunately, it is not always correct. I am currently studying French and Italian is next.

          No, io no. Tuttavia, uso molto un traduttore per il mio blog e trovo rispettoso rispondere nella mia lingua e in quella dei miei lettori. Sfortunatamente, non è sempre corretto. Attualmente sto studiando il francese e l’italiano è il prossimo.

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