The Jaded Me

I have a jaded heart, it is one of my many flaws,

It has grown tired of the many pictures that the mind draws,

The illusions of love that on the canvas of life dance and play,

Misconceptions of truth that never see the light of day,

Too many have given into the flights of fancy unreal,

Too often it robs us of ourselves until the pain we no longer feel,

For the end result is almost always the same,

So much so, my heart has grown weary of playing this game,

Take me as I am with the walls put in place,

Or leave me in peace in this lonely ethereal space,

That I am jaded does not mean I do not feel,

Only that I ignore what I perceive to be unreal,

Enter my world and show why I should believe,

If you cannot, it is better that you take your leave.

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