It Is My Turn

I sit here alone, wondering where I belong,

Is there someone out there, listening to this same strangled song,

Am I wrong to desire the world that I can see?

Is there someone out there who was meant to change the jaded me?

The truth is, I have forgotten, the words have faded away,

With the promises of tomorrow that have all gone astray,

I look for a future that will quench this desire,

While steadily stacking the branches that kindle the fire,

The past is a reminder of where I have been,

The future a pathway of where the new will begin,

Saying goodbyes that fill me with regret,

Not for what I am leaving but for what I will never forget,

Though the path is cold and lonely with none at my side,

In the shadows of your glory, I will no longer shrink and hide,

It is my turn to shine, to bask in the glow,

To become the heroine, you weren’t worthy to know,

I thank you for the part you unknowingly played,

For your absence caused to blossom what would have faded had you stayed,

My future is unclear, though my course is set true,

This is me saying goodbye and a heartfelt thank you.

2 thoughts on “It Is My Turn”

    1. Yes, Absolutely. I have a goal and a purpose thanks to many people on this journey, I now see a path that will let me shine as the person I believe I was born to be and I couldn’t be happier. Through faith and good company, the journey is just beginning. I want to thank you for your continual encouragement in this journey. You have always been a constant from near the beginning and I lean greatly on your posts of prayers and faith to help me in those days where the journey is dark. I hope all is well for you dear friend, and may we continue this blessed journey together. Hugs, Mary

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