My Precious Girl

I hold you close, tears of joy wet my face,

A mental image etches your likeness in this time and place,

The time is passing, though you are still fragile and small,

Your unsteady steps venture as I fear to let you fall,

Where has the time gone, now you venture to school,

My treasure keeps growing, and soon I will no longer be cool,

Your friends are your sanctuary, the ones whose opinions you share,

They are the ones nursing your pains, defending you from a rivals glare,

The pain of your first heartache I bare quietly inside,

You no longer look to me for answers as your tears you now hide,

Again the years move on, and now true love has claimed your fragile heart,

Your life is newly beginning, though mine is falling apart,

Again time advances, and you have earned a new name,

Someone now calls you mother, and you look at me filled with shame,

Realization is dawning, the truth of my love you can see,

You have always been my treasure, no matter how far you pushed away from me,

Now the time is running short for you and me to shine,

But remember, my darling daughter, you are forever and have always been mine.

3 thoughts on “My Precious Girl”

  1. Oh this speaks to my heart as I am the mother of children, a young adult, 23, a teenager 15, and a 7 yr old. the teenager is a daughter and her friends are a big part of her life now. You write this so eloquently.

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