Reflecting on Ash Wednesday

Good evening all. I hope this Ash Wednesday finds all of you achieving what you set out to do today and every day. As I sat down to write this post, I took time to think about what Ash Wednesday means to me and my family. As a Catholic, this is one of the most sacred days of the year and in such I have always been taught to respect it and observe it.

Traditionally my family has always taken these forty days to give up something that was important to us. As a child, I always gave up reading or writing stories, because those were the things that meant the most to me. As I grew up my sacrifices changed and became more meaningful to me. As a parent, I have tried to instill the importance of this time in my children. When they were small, they had to pick their favorite thing to do or play with and that is what they had to put up for these days. 


This year though, I have decided to take a different approach to my sacrifice for Lent. I have decided that instead of giving up something, that I would pledge myself for these forty days. I will do a kind deed for someone else everyday. I will offer my time, my experience, my knowledge, or what ever else is necessary to help someone else fulfill a need they may have. 

I have invited my children to join me in this venture of giving and I invite all of you to join us as well. If each of us does something for someone else for the next forty days, who knows, maybe it could turn into the newest fad and everyone will continue to help their friends, neighbors, strangers in the street. The sky is literally the limit.

No matter how you observe this time, whether you are religious or not, take the time to show kindness to the person sitting next to you on the subway or the mother carrying her groceries while keeping track of her children. Take five minutes out of your busy day and make some one else’s day brighter.

As always, inspire to be inspired and always let your true self shine. You are beautiful just the way you are.





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