The Storm

The body rebels and turns to pain,

Sickness is knocking, the banging makes you insane,

Tempered by duty to those you must serve,

Wanting to give them all they deserve,

The pain is tolerable only for the love of a child,

You play it off as nothing, telling them the pain is only mild,

The sacrifice is made in a gesture of love,

To those who are present and those already above,

A Mother’s hope is that her children are happy and well,

While inside the torment of the pain festers and swells,

Her children must not know if she is sick today,

They must be children, allowed to laugh and play,

Biding time she will watch with a smile,

The storm brewing away for a while,

Should the crest break and the storm overflow,

Only the slightest of discomfort to her children will show,

Though the sacrifice is great the price is never too high,

Repayment is made seeing her children with tomorrow to eye,

Maternal love is the strongest storm ever known,

For her children’s happiness, only inspiration and tenderness is shown.

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