A flower petal, vibrant and smooth, beckons your eye

It falls to the floor starting to wither and dry

Further, it fails as it browns and decays

Its beauty is flawed but still, it proudly displays

Such are we in this world as we enter and leave

Our efforts in vain as we conceal and deceive

Beauty, however, is never really to blame

But vanity disguised with beauty as its name

The efforts that are taken are used as a vice

Exacting a toll, our bodies paying the ultimate price

But beauty is not what we see, nor is it for show

It is the knowledge within and what we may know

Being true to your heart, and letting happiness shine through

This is real beauty, unique only to you

We masquerade the false version each day

Not realizing the dangers of this malicious game that we play

Close your eyes and journey within

Does looking give you a fright or does it give you a grin

This is where your true beauty is stored

Not in the makeup routines we learned and adored

It cannot be achieved from masks and attire

Beauty is being someone to admire

So whether you are flawless or wrinkled and grown

Let your true beauty shine bright and let it to the world be shown.

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