What Could Be Better Than Free Books?

Good morning all. I hope this week is finding you all happy and achieving your best self. I wanted to take a moment and ask everyone to check out our new La Flor Manor Trilogy fund. This site allows readers to contribute towards the completion of the trilogy. All proceeds go towards editors, cover designs, and some much more. The best part is, you get free stuff in return. 

Yep! You read that right. By sponsoring the project you get freebies in the form of signed copies of the books as they are released. Who doesn’t love a free book or three? Here is the link to connect to the Trilogy fund. This is a one time donation. If you want to support more you can follow the Patreon link below and take this writing journey with us by giving a monthly donation and you still get freebies in return. Thank you for your continued support and have a fabulous rest of  your week. 

As always inspire to be inspired. Give the world your best even if it is giving its worst. 



Here is the Patreon link:

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