Who will you vote for,

            Which power will stay?

The choices are made,

            Solely on what each has to say.

Do you hear their words?

            Can you see through their disguise?

Can our world truly recover,

            From all of their scandal and lies?

Is it a prerequisite for politicians,

           To look the other way?

To cater to the money,

           In this game that they play?

This game of chess is tiring,

          The prospects growing thin,

We are all pawns to the powerful,

           Unless we stand and begin,

Stand for the voiceless,

           Let their agony be heard,

Let those who are in power know,

           That we think their games are absurd,

Give rise to the changes,

           Let’s see what they can do.

Give hope back to the people,

           With a choice that is new. 



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