Bipolar Musings

Heaven is calling for me to escape my pain.

Reality slips as I wonder why I remain.

This sickness is slowly pulling me down.

I fear I am slipping, I am starting to drown.

The thoughts resurface, those that cause so many fears.

They leave me drifting in a sea of my own tears.

The fight is continual, though some days I feel fine.

Other days are like daggers being plunged deep in my spine.

The mental turmoil rears its ugly head.

Causing delusions, fears, and dread.

The mental battle weighs heavy, leaving me cold.

Again, I must find the inspiration to be bold.

To rise above my illness, and fight until I win.

I am tired though, knowing I must do it all again.

I scream in the silence, asking why me?

Wondering what I have done and why this must be?

The answers are heard, coming from a place deep inside.

I will share them with you and wear my disease with pride.

The answer is simple as to why bipolar has stolen my mind.

To be who I am, a solution, I must find.

You see, if I was not like this, and my mind didn’t work in this way.

I would not be uniquely myself or have so many words to say.

I would be very different, and though the thoughts get to me.

It is these same thoughts that ultimately set me free. 

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