Passions Gates

Pull me close, your smell is in the air,

My heart races, simply knowing you’re there,

Passion ignites; feel the beating of my heart,

Feeling this sensation is by far the hardest part, 

The heat rises, the need grows from within,

Your whispering sends chills, my resistance is wearing thin,

You have the power, your strength, to pleasure and tease,

Your whispers against my ear take my breath and bring me to my knees,

With a simple touch, my lips recite your name,

Tread lightly though, for I can surely do the same,

The strength you have is nothing, compared with the pleasures I can share,

Take my hand and let me show you, take my hand if you dare,

One small warning, should you decide to play,

Once we’ve started, it is here you will stay,

No matter the pleasure or the pain,

In this state of longing is where you will remain,

This will be the future that daily beckons you,

Until with your actions, you have shown to be true,

For to gain entrance into heaven you must completely play your part,

You must be committed, body, mind, and heart.

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